6 things you get when you book Mandira’s Kitchen

6 things you get when you book Mandira’s Kitchen

Of late, we have found so many people blatantly plagiarising our words and menus. Whilst imitation may be the sincerest form of flattery, we thought we’d list out the 6 things you get when you order our food as copying the words is one thing but delivering what we do is quite another!!! So at the risk of being immodest – here goes! 6 things …

1. You get a freshly cooked menu out of a five star rated commercial kitchen – tailored right down to budget, the dietary preferences of your guests and even what produce is in season.

2. You get the benefit of a professional team that swings into action – taking the time and trouble to find out what you like, where the event is and even what the weather forecast is likely to be. Even our simplest menus come with alternatives so you always have a choice. Our takeaway menus are accompanied by hand written notes containing heating instructions and thoughtful extras such as the use of chafing dishes should you need them.

3. We go out of our way to make your event yours. Be it a bride with a particular Indian city connection or a 90th birthday girl was born during the Raj or a Book launch on spirituality, our food will reflect this in a unique way. We have draped our guests in saris, brought bangles and henna tattoos from Indian markets, shopped around for the best fresh flower garlands in town and even washed up 150 tiffin carriers – that’s 600 bowls in 90 minutes – so that they can be filled with fabulous sweets for guests to take home.

4. We meet every guest over chai and samosas in at our beautiful venue before their special event, carry out eagle eyed kitchen inspections to ensure everything runs to plan, offer tastings for much in love couples, create Bollywood playlists for the dance floor and even advise on fabulous Indian inspired cocktails to make sure the bar is second to none.

5. You get us as the keepers of your many secrets prior to the party, sprinklers of fairy dust and Bollywood sparkle, smoothers of frayed pre-wedding nerves and the executors of a spotless kitchen after the event.

6. You get advice, humour, laughter, common sense and peace of mind. You get the boring bits like assurance of a £5M insurance, following every H&S rule in the book, approved suppliers and knowing our allergens. You have a guarantee that you do not get a one person band – we do not “bring in casual staff for events” and every member of staff from our cook to our cleaner is on our payroll, is vetted, trained, paid a fair wage and even gets a birthday present! And the freshly cooked authentic food from our hearts is always a bonus !