Frozen Indian Food

Handmade in small batches, our meals use fresh produce and family recipes. Containing no preservatives or gluten, each two-portion meal will stay in your freezer and can be heated from frozen in 4 minutes.

Order deliciously authentic Indian meals for two for your freezer, from Mandira’s Kitchen. Select your favourite Indian dishes directly from our kitchen to yours. We courier your curry, you pop it in the freezer until you want it. Then you simply reheat in 4 minutes and enjoy the freshest, tastiest homemade Indian meal you’ve ever had.

Enjoy freezer meals for one and for two and experience the incredible taste of Indian home cooking, handmade with love, from the freshest, real ingredients, in your home. When you’re working long hours, have a newborn to contend with, a busy family or you just don’t like cooking, trust Mandira’s Kitchen to make healthy, frozen ready meals that are ready in minutes. Feed your family with home cooked Indian food, fresh from our kitchen, to yours.

Freezer meals for two

Fill your freezer with the tastiest Indian freezer meals for two from Mandira’s Kitchen. As an Indian gourmet specialist, we only use our trusted family recipes to create the freshest, most delicious, homemade Indian food. We make authentic Indian freezer meals for two, so that when you crave curry night, you don’t need to reach for a takeout menu, you simply reach into your freezer for healthy, nutritious frozen Indian food. All of the dishes you find at Mandira’s Kitchen are handmade with love, in our dedicated kitchen using the freshest ingredients. We only include real produce in our meals – no additives, no preservatives, just wholesome, tasty food.

Healthy freezer meals

Mandira’s Kitchen healthy freezer meals are frozen within minutes of being cooked, meaning we lock all of the goodness into your mouth watering meal. Simply reheat at home, for 4 minutes, and experience the delight, the aroma and flavour of a real Indian kitchen, at home. Sample the slow cooked flavour of India, through Mandira’s Kitchen multi-award winning dishes. All of our healthy freezer meals are frozen from fresh and delivered direct to your door. Enjoy a healthy, homemade curry, at home, with Mandira’s Kitchen healthy freezer meals.

Freezer meals for one and for two

Enjoy the most delicious freezer meals for one and for two from Mandira’s Kitchen. We bring you the flexibility of restaurant dining from the comfort of your own home. Let the smells of Indian cookery fill your home without having to stand in front of the stove for hours. Mandira’s Kitchen takes pride in giving consumers the best Indian dishes with our authentic freezer meals.

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Showing 1–24 of 25 results