Our Ethos

The Environment

In keeping with our ethos, our site and policy is “no single use plastic“. From coffee cups, to tasting pots and straws, everything is made from compostable material. Our new freezer meal trays are fully biodegradable – one of the very few companies in the UK to do so – and the sleeves are non laminated cardboard so that they can also be thrown in household cardboard recycling. The leaf plates and bowls we use are made from natural palm leaf and are made by destitute women in India thus serving a dual purpose of proving employment and a source of livelihood.

Buying Local

As far as possible, we buy fresh and local ingredients and try to ensure that everything comes from within a 50-mile radius. From British Red Tractor approved chickens in Windsor to dishes made using local specialties or discarded produce, we are conscious about everything that goes into our products. Two examples of this include our Kingfisher Watercress Dal made using Watercress grown on the family run Kingfisher farm next door and then stocked at Kingfisher’s farm shop and our newly introduced spiced Orange and Gin chutney is made using the discarded oranges from the Silent Pool distillery.

Young Enterprise

We are passionate about Young Enterprise and most of our events, large and small, food tastings and running the shop at weekends is done by our 16-member part-time staff aged between 14 and 19 years. Many of them joined in the early days of the business to earn pocket money and it has been a privilege to watch them blossom and grow into confident young men and women handling events and issues without any problems, juggling demanding school workload, extracurricular and work responsibility.

Holiday Hunger

Nearly 3 million chidren in the UK go to bed hungry every night and depend on free school meals as their one main meal during the day. As part of our intitiative to do our bit, we have pledged to provide at least 500 meals every school holiday to families struggling with this modern day scourge. Till date, we have provided over 6000 meals since 2020 and hope to carry on cooking for as long as we can. If you would like to help then, you could buy a holiday hunger voucher on our website, for as little as £10 which will help make a difference.