Yellow Massaman Inspired Curry

Yellow Massaman Inspired Curry

The easiest and quickest recipe for a mid week supper.

I blended together three mild red chilis, a tsp each of of coriander seed and cumin seeds, 1 inch cinnamon , 2 cardamoms, a tiny bit of nutmeg, a stick of lemon grass , 6 cloves of garlic , 1 inch of ginger , a handful of peanuts and 3 shallots.

Heated a tablespoon of oil and then fried this paste for 4-5 mins. Now added 250 gms diced chicken, 1 diced aubergine , a handful of chopped beans, 6 leftover mushrooms , 1 sliced pepper and mixed the whole thing on high heat for a couple of minutes

Added a can of coconut milk, salt, a tiny bit of sugar and a pinch of turmeric .

Brought to a simmer and then added a bit more water to thin it.

Left it simmering for 15 minutes while I made steamed rice and dinner was ready with no fuss or mess. Brought in the sunshine into this cold winter evening ..