Mother’s Day Afternoon Tea for 2 with Kettle and Chai Glasses


This Mother’s Day travel with us to a bygone era… my childhood amongst emerald tea bushes and blazing bougainvillea and the most amazing afternoon tea with an Indian twist. A gentler time and an unhurried pace.  This menu includes some of my favourites, which I hope also become yours and help you celebrate with Mum… (We will provide alternatives so please let us know if you have any dietary restrictions.)

Chicken or Vegetable croquette (spiced chicken or vegetable filled in a fluffy potato casing, crumbed and fried)

Vegetable samosas and peas patties

Lamb or Vegetable Sliders (homemade lamb or spiced potato with chutneys in a mini brioche bun)

Spiced Cheese Scones with Mango Cream Cheese

Plain Scones with Cardamom-infused Cream

Garam masala cake with chai tea filling

Savoury cumin biscuits

Mango and Pistachio fool

Mini spiced chocolate samosas

All washed down with our spiced Masala Chai

Our stunning kettles are hand painted and embellished to add a touch of romance to your table.  Please note as these are hand painted they may have slight irregularities, unlike the smooth finish of a machine-made item. The kettle is only for serving (not heating) and needs to be hand washed. Complete the setting with 4 chai glasses.

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