July 3rd Menu – Angare (embers) – an Indian BBQ


There are very few barbecues to match the ones my mother put together… The charcoal fires would be lit in the early evening and as the red-hot coals started turning white, trays of marinated food would appear magically. Lamb or chicken first, followed by fish and vegetables so that everything could be taken off one after another. The salad would be laid out ready along with a vast array of drinks – chilled Nimbu Panni (homemade lemonade), Tarbooz Sharbat (watermelon juice slightly spiced with a hint of cumin) for the kids and fabulous cocktails and of course ice cold beer for the grown-ups… Music, games, laughter and fabulous conversation resounded late into the night. Let’s hope our menu today is as memorable for you.

All meat and vegetables will come marinated, ready for the barbecue. Salads will be chopped and dressing will be provided separately.

If you’d like the vegetarian option, please state in the comments.  Otherwise, we will assume you have booked the meat/fish option.  (Unfortunately, we can’t mix and match individual dishes.) 

Only available via collection – please select a slot on Friday 3rd July 1230pm – 1600 or on Saturday 4th July 1030 – 1630

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