Fathers Day Meal For Four – Vegetarian


The below menu will arrive to you, or will be available for collection frozen.  All food has been cooked so just needs to be reheated through and enjoyed.


An Indian sharing platter (lamb and veg samosas, crackers, Bombay mix and chutney)

Desi Thali

Peas Pulao (basmati rice with peas and cumin)

Mile Jhule Dal (lentils cooked with tomatoes and spices)

Gondhoraj Paneer (cooked with kaffir lime leaves – a Calcutta speciality)

Alu Malai Curry (baby potatoes cooked in a delicately flavoured coconut milk sauce)

Beetroot Raita

Methi Roti (griddled bread with fresh fenugreek leaves)



Aam Kheer (fresh mangoes served with a chilled Indian custard)

Indian Masala Chai (we will provide the spices for you to brew your perfect masala chai)

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