14th May – Weekend Thali – Vegetarian


Paani Puri
(Crispy wheat shells filled with spiced potato and tamarind water – an explosion in our mouth)
Onion and spinach pakora served with a coriander chutney

Desi Thali

Vegetable Yakhni Pulao

(an aromatic pulao made first by boiling the vegetables in a spiced broth and then cooking the rice in the same liquid)

Vegetable Haleem
(Delicious stew made with barley and spices and garnished with hard boiled eggs, crispy onions and fresh mint)

Jeera Alu 
(Baby Potatoes made with cumin seeds and fresh tomatoes)

Navratatan Korma
(An absolute family favourite – a mixed vegetable curry )

Angoor Akhrot Raita
(Yoghurt with grapes and walnuts)

Vegetable shammi kabab

Naan and Popadums


( by popular demand – a fragrant ground rice pudding flavoured with rose and pistachio

Indian Masala Chai
(We will provide the spices for you to brew your perfect masala)


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