Indian Tiffin Service

Experience Indian tiffin service from Mandira’s Kitchen. Mandira’s Kitchen is a family run kitchen that offers freshly cooked, mouthwatering, homemade Indian cuisine. There really is nothing like eating freshly prepared Indian food for breakfast or as a light, tea time meal mid afternoon. Let Mandira’s Kitchen provide your Indian tiffin service and never go hungry again. All of our food is cooked fresh in our dedicated kitchen and frozen within minutes, to ensure you get the best tasting Indian cuisine, made from 100% natural ingredients. No additives, no preservatives, just fresh tasting, wholesome produce that tastes like home.

Indian tiffin service near me

For the best Indian tiffin service near you, rely on Mandira’s Kitchen to fulfil your mealtime needs. Trust Mandira’s Kitchen to create Indian home cooked style tiffin meals to enjoy every day. We offer a wide range of tiffin dishes, including vegetarian and vegan tiffin meals. Enjoy the flavours of India, from the comfort of your home or office. Packed full of Indian flavours, our authentic tiffin meals are aromatic and spicy, culminating in a taste sensation you’ve been craving. Relish the flavour of original, home cooked dishes, wherever you enjoy your breakfast or afternoon meal. Every Mandira’s Kitchen dish that you try is prepared in our dedicated kitchen in Surrey, from much loved family recipes, guaranteeing you a handmade, small batch, home cooked meal, using recognisable ingredients that taste of home.

Online tiffin service

Order Mandira’s Kitchen online tiffin service and experience the delights of authentic Indian cooking wherever you are. Simply order your tiffin through Mandira’s Kitchen and enjoy the best, high quality Indian food delivery and affordable tiffin service. Our tiffins include fresh, home cooked Indian curries and dishes that will surprise and delight and fill you up. Healthy, nutritious and delicious, you won’t find a better online tiffin service. Trust Mandira’s Kitchen to provide the best online tiffin service and relish the delights of our small batch, multi award winning dishes, made fresh in our dedicated kitchen, and eaten wherever you like. From veggie Indian meals to vegan tiffin service, you won’t find healthier, customisable, tastier tiffins than ours.

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Showing all 7 results