Cook-Along Sessions

COOK-ALONG SESSIONS (previously known as

‘Lockdown Cooking’!)

We hope you enjoyed our ‘Lockdown Cookery Sessions’ – which we ran for over twelve weeks. All previous sessions are available either on our Instagram page on IGTV, alternatively check out our Youtube Channel for all of the episodes.  So you can still ‘Cookalong’ at home with Mandira, at your own leisure.

Over the sessions Mandira introduces you to a range of dishes, all of which are cooked within 45 minutes.  Have a look below, or search for your favourites on our YouTube channel (mandira’s_kitchen).

The Spice Experience Kit are still available online, or through our Shop at Silent Pool.  Also we do sell the spice refills, if you have run out!  Also please let us know if you have difficulty finding any ingredients, please get in touch with us and we will help you where we can.

If you enjoyed the virtual session, why not try an in-person Cookery Lesson – which we are now back running, to find out more information – check out the Cookery Lesson page.

Cookalong Sessions Available Through Youtube or Instagram.

Masala Omelette & Parathas
Bombay Potatoes & Spinach Chapati
Pakoras & Fish Tikka
Stuffed Aubergines, Cabbage Salad & Rice
Indian Style Fish & Chips with Spicy Peas
Easy Chicken Curry
Never a Dal Moment – Perfect Dal & Rice
Wild Garlic Pakoras
Pakora Masterclass
Tandoori Chicken & Indian Potato Salad
Samosa Chaat, Curry Puffs & Mango Souffle
Almond Chicken & Naan
Egg Rolls (or Parathas)
Prawn Curry with Pea Pulao
Mandira in a lovely yellow top smiling, ready with her spices and fresh ingredients

All sessions are available on IGTV Instagram (mandiras_kitchen) or on our YouTube Channel.