Lockdown Cooking Sessions


With another lockdown starting, and more cookery lessons having to be cancelled, we are running a weekly virtual live cooking session every Thursday evening on Instagram in January. Each session will run for 30 -45 minutes where we create authentic and healthy dishes using use one of the blends from our cookery experience box along with some additional tips and techniques. That’s dinner sorted with no fuss and you can get the family or friends from another household to join (virtually) as well.

The sessions are completely free to join but in order to make the most of them you will need one of our cookery experience kits. One box will see you through all the four sessions.

Order a kit here or you can also pick one up from our shop for £21.  You are also able to purchase some of the different flours, as well as spice refills, on-line, or again pop into our shop.

All sessions are Thursdays at 6.00pm on Instagram (mandiras_kitchen)

7th January –  Chicken Malai Curry (or Vegetable) and Alu Gobi

14th January – Bombay Potatoes with Spinach Chapatti & Raita. View the list of ingredients. 

21st January – Onion Bhajis & Fish (or Paneer) Tikka. View the list of ingredients. 

28th January – Egg Rolls. View the list of ingredients.