Meet the Team

We are a women-led and women-staffed business, which can get a bit opinionated at times! All of us have our own job titles, ranging from Keeper of Order to Kitchen Dragon, and take our responsibilities very, very seriously. No matter who you deal with, be it “The Fluffy One”, “The Soo Chef” or one of our fabulous young ones, you will be welcomed with open arms, a cup of chai and some good conversation.


Founder of and General Dogsbody at Mandira’s Kitchen, Mandira’s pet peeve is Chicken Tikka Masala!  Mandira wears many hats in her non-existent spare time  including being mum to She of the Rolling Eyes and playing second fiddle to her  car obsessed husband. When she is not running around like a maniac, she still loves to cook and travel and plans to write a book someday.


Super-organised Becky is the Keeper of Order and keeps us all on the straight and narrow and nothing escapes her eagle editor’s eye. When not at MK,  she also subtitles TV programmes and sings in a choir!


So what do you do with a chemistry degree? Ensure the MK team stays bonded of course! Lover of rugby and gin, multi-talented Soozie wears many hats – from marketing guru to Head of IT, from Sue-Chef to DeliverSoo, the baby of the team, she keeps us rocking and rolling.


Sarah can be found at various markets telling you all about our fabulous meals. She loves the great outdoors and is often found on a campsite with her VW camper surrounded by family and friends (and Franklin the dog!).


Alex is the only man brave enough to not only cross the MK threshold but hold his own with quiet reserve and lots of patience.

Fixer of things, carrier of foods, fetcher and keeper, Alex makes sure the MK kitchen and operations run as well as they can.


When she’s not at MK, Cora is a childminder, which stands her in good stead in the hustle and bustle of our kitchen!   Totally unflappable, Cora helps with our events, as well as working in the shop, the kitchen and at markets.


Pippa helps out with cookery lessons and markets.  She enjoys tutoring primary school children and supports university students with their dissertations and essays. She loves gardening, cycling in the Surrey Hills and walking her rescue dog Rosie in the local countryside with her family.


Sabina controls Mandira’s Kitchen with an iron hand! A lady of few words, she brings with her a hugely generous heart as well as an amazing repertoire of recipes from her native Goa. If you get on the right side of Sabina, you will never leave MK on an empty stomach!


Once met never forgotten – we maintain that Angie should have her own TV channel! But until then, she ensures our kitchen keeps ticking over, our two sheds Ducky and Sheepie are well organised, the floors and counters are clean enough to eat off and we never run out of Diet Coke or laughter.


Sally does tastings at our lovely stockists – she knows our food inside out and is happy to tell you how delicious it is.

Junior Team

Our Junior team are a key part of MK – helping out at catering events, markets, festivals, and the shop. Many of them started as newly minted teenagers just as we began our journey and it has been an absolute privilege to see them grow with the business and turn into responsible young adults. Multi-talented, multi-faceted, and capable of handling any challenge, we think they are the smartest and sharpest team in the universe and it was just as well we got them when we did – otherwise we would never be able to afford them!

Aimee, Alex, Alice, Anna, Catie, Ellen, Liv, Lucy, Lulu, Mahera, Maia or Penelope – no matter who is on duty – you are assured of fabulous coffee, excellent customer service and the latest gossip.