In our kitchen, we do not churn out a “curry” because it sounds Indian. Every dish we create comes with a personal story – from my mother’s Kaju Chicken to the best Kaali Dal I tasted in a little place in Amritsar. Our food carries with it the love, joy and happy memories of meals with friends and family complete with lively animated conversations and laughter. So we hope when you enjoy our food – be it in quiet solitude with a favourite person or book or shared across a large table with family and friends – you too feel this love and comfort…

Our story starts with Mandira moving to the UK and not knowing how to cook, and apparently missing her cook more than her parents! She then spent the next 17 years working as a management consultant but complained constantly about the lack of “proper” Indian food, until an exasperated friend asked her “to put her money where her mouth was”.

Mandira finally decided to follow her heart and do something that her parents would heartily disapprove of – after all, who in their sane mind gives up a well-paying settled job in their 40s to cook for a living?!

And so… Mandira’s Kitchen was born, initially offering supper clubs and catering from the home kitchen before moving to our beautiful location overlooking the Silent Pool in 2019 from where we now create our award-winning food, offer culinary experiences such as cookery lessons, spice tours and supper clubs and operate our little shop which has the best Malabar coffee, freshly brewed chai and the crispest samosas in town!

We do things a bit differently at Mandira’s Kitchen – be it our food, service, location, ethos or indeed the people who work both at MK and with us and even the wonderful people who love our food.

We pride ourselves on not just being yet another “curry” business but the dreamers of dreams, sprinklers of Bollywood sparkle and fairy dust, keeper of secrets, and last but not least the creators of the best Indian food you ever taste.