About me…

19 Apr 2019
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About me…

Hello Everyone, I’m Mandira and I am owner and general dogsbody at www.mandiraskitchen.com. I am mum to “she of the rolling eyes” and so have the unspoken pressure to act like I know everything that teenagers seem to know..
Sometimes but only sometimes, I talk about “being in a meeting” when I’m having a rare lunch on a workday with my husband and sometimes, only sometimes, I finish the odd book when I should be working …. I’m flexible with most things but hugely rigid with being true to my beliefs and being immature most of the time.. Trying to constantly
juggle being mum, wife, friend and entrepreneur has forced me to do everything in my life with greater efficiency and the professional assumption that I’m now less efficient and more stupid after having quit a full time career as management consultant and becoming a person who cooks!!

I have the beginnings of some silver in my hair and have decided not to colour as growing old seems to be a privilege denied to many these days.

I have many pointless meetings and sometimes I wonder what on earth am I doing with my life but then there are some such amazing encounters that I see the world as all mine to conquer. And I feel grateful for the so many little things like the love and support of friends and family, the ability to lead my life on my own terms, for being a woman with all its complexities and trials and tribulations and for the many opportunities to be able to make a difference
Hope some of this resonates with some of you .. hugs and as a friend once said let’s be real women and adjust each other’s crowns..

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