1. you pick

Choose from a pre-made box of Happiness or build your own menu from our delicious range of dishes. We also offer a no-obligation monthly subscription.

2. we cook

Handmade in small batches, using fresh produce, family recipes and lots of love, your meals contain no preservatives, gluten or unpronounceable bits.

3. we deliver

Meals are quickly frozen to preserve goodness, taste and flavour and delivered frozen in insulated boxes by overnight courier. Once your box arrives, pop it into your freezer.

4. you enjoy

Our meals will happily live in your freezer for up to 6 months and can be cooked from frozen in 4 minutes to be enjoyed at any time!


Take a Spice Tour, have a Cookery Lesson or join our Supper Club. Treat a friend to one of our gift vouchers or call us to discuss catering for your event.  We are ready to share our love for the award winning food we create.

some of our awards

some of our reviews

  • The biggest challenge for me cooking proper Indian food was the complexity and range of spices and ingredients and how to handle them. Mandira totally demystified and simplified the whole process. Exactly what you need to make awesome Indian cuisine. Thank you! Also how to cook rice properly without washing out the flavour or burning it to the base of a pan. That alone is enough to make the whole thing worthwhile. Brilliant 🙂
  • I was there as part of a large party of women who had spent the day holding space, meditating, sharing positive beliefs and reminding ourselves how great it is to be a woman. We couldn't have asked for a better finale than Mandiras Kitchen. The food was sublime, my taste buds were alive with the different spices and textures. At the end of the belly was as full as my heart. Thank you Mandira and your wonderful staff. It was a fabulous experience.
  • Wow wow wow!!! We stumbled on Mandira's kitchen by sheer accident and it was the most incredible delight. Mandira and her amazing team catered for a group of us and the food and service was out of this world. True, authentic India cuisine, cooked and served by the most incredible team and the best service I have experienced in a long time. Mandira's runs her business aligned with her values around sustainability, eating seasonal foods and passion and it shines through in everything she does -... Read More

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